The 64th Gamer

Finally, after months of waiting for Unity to fix some major URP Shader Graph bugs, Min-Max now has the cel shading style from the Blender renders carried over in-game.

The final graph is pretty insane since its doing the 4-color palette generation and the fake chrome effect for metal objects which had additional bright and dark areas painted on meshes.

The cel shading may look a bit subtle, and that’s because I wanted a solution that preserved regular lighting, but still had a harsh cutoff- and one that could dynamically change with interiors (since otherwise characters would always be fully in shadow when inside)

The main thing going on is that the “bright” half of the cel shading is a normal lit shader. The dark half is the raw diffuse texture multiplied by an extremely blurry reflection probe of the room. This makes neither side flat looking.

The determiner of which half to use is sampling the same reflection probe, with anything below the probe value using shading. This determiner is also lowered since sampling the average light value of a room would also just make everything shaded.