The 64th Gamer


You can build at multiple different sizes as well!!! Your inventory is based on the volume of stuff you mined. The giant blocks are 6^3 units, so you can place 216 1x1x1 blocks, or another single 6^3 block. When cycling through the sizes the UI changes to reflect how many of each size you can place.

Either this update or next I’ll get vert/edge/face manipulation working! Each will be manipulatable in 1 unit distances. You will “spend” your inventory to match the needed volume for whatever you’re stretching to the largest next whole number. This means a 1x1x1 cube turned into a ramp will still consume 1 unit, but mining it will give you that unit back.

This system will allow all manner of complex shapes to be built, but also make creating large walls extremely easy- while also taking up only a few faces in the renderer as opposed to hundreds of tiny blocks!!! I love this unique system so much you have no idea.