The 64th Gamer


From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

A sketchy drawing of Ditzy Doo, a gray pegasus with blonde hair and gold misaligned eyes. Her wings are spread and she holds the Palestine flag in her mouth with a confident expression.ALT

Out of respect for the protest today, instead of a normally queued request, today’s post will be dedicated to resources regarding Palestine! We are firmly of the stance that a complete ceasefire should be called, and that everyone should do whatever they can. Even a little bit helps!

For those in the US, this site includes scripts you can use to call your senators and representatives! Emails are also heavily encouraged!

As for a list of resources regarding donations and information! The following list will mostly be based around e-sims and organizations, but we do encourage people to look for verified independent fundraisers as well for those in need!

Finally, is its own collection of resources that we heavily recommend reading in order to educate yourself about Palestine and what has been going on for decades.

Please remember to keep yourself educated and compassionate for those that are suffering, and to please remember to watch out for propaganda. Colonization is never okay. Ethnostates should not exist. Genocide is never okay. And of course, remember that every little bit, even if it’s just a dollar, counts. No one’s contributions are worthless.