The 64th Gamer


Back again with the search for the ever elusive “Great All-American Pizza Show!”

Some of you may remember my previous post sharing this little interesting clue, however after a bit of digging, I’m sad to say that this probably doesn’t lead anywhere. When I looked up the OP’s username, they were active in a forum about vintage Detroit TV shows. The first PTT to open in Michigan was in November of 1980 so several months after TGAAPS commercials reportedly stopped airing. Now it’s not impossible that OP lived in the Bay Area and saw the commercial before moving to Detroit sometime later but I’m not too sure about this lead anymore. I still feel like it has potential. Maybe the ad was run in the Greater Detroit Area at some point but I haven’t seen anything indicating this to be the case. It seemed to mostly be aired in the Bay and LA area.

Speaking of the Bay and LA area, I’ve been skimming through TV commercial compilations specifically from the Bay Area. So far nothing has popped up but I still have hope that something will appear at some point. Unfortunately most TV archive seem to be more interested in archiving documentaries focusing on “the real issues” like “Civil rights” and “LGBTQ+ acceptance” instead of truly worthy things like the almighty pizza rat. Joking of course, but it’s a little frustrating to search archives and find things that match up perfectly date-wise, but always cut out the commercials.

Either way, I’m like 80% sure that even the smallest fraction of this commercial exists online. Whether it be on a YouTube video with only 2 views or a frame of it existing on someone’s long defunct blog. A few weeks ago someone found a concept unification commercial from 1991 that I don’t think anyone knew about previously and just the other day Retrontario uploaded another previously unknown ad, so it has to be out there somewhere. I’m not sure if there’s any Bay Area TV Commercial forums but if there is I’ll be sure to look through it to see if there’s any mention of it. Until then, I’ll keep looking through ad compilations.