The 64th Gamer


An absolutely CRAZY circumstance of events has led us to finding BOTH the animatronic signals and audio of a lost September 1991 CEC song!!!
The song is called Comrade of Clean and was scrapped from higher ups, most likely now that we have the audio- due to its Soviet undertones. The Soviet Union was collapsing by September of 1991.

The signals we acquired last year from a case of floppy disks that CEC threw into the trash in the mid-2000’s before an employee took them home, one of the absolute most important and crazy finds of the entire fandom. (There’s 3 years worth of showtape signals on there)

By then we could only watch the characters move to the song and we had no clue what the song was about. We accidentally thought the song was called “Family Times” until today due to some bad misconceptions.

But now separately we have the original audio, and for the FIRST TIME we get to see what it would have looked like in a store if the song had left the corporate offices 32 years ago!

If you’d like further reading on the lost show, I have tons of info on the September 1991 article. This song is a BOP.