The 64th Gamer

Hey so just so everyone’s aware, CEC is about to do a big fat ass PR stunt to get goodwill from the public.

They’re going to be re-opening the Northridge store on November 10th as the “Future permanent home of the animatronics”, and they’re inviting some kid who protested last year to be crowned “Chief Animatronics Officer” and some other big stuff.

This stunt is clearly timed to be around the FNaF movie release when everyone’s talking about things to be like “see we care about our robots still, we’re not throwing them away”.

Saving a single show from a single location is gonna be their excuse anytime people bring up their lack of preserving history from now on. Despite the fact they’ve destroyed hundreds of shows so far.

This store was a last-minute change that was supposed to have came from an actually good idea of having either characters appear in a museum, or there being a full line of “Retro Stores” to preserve all the differing types of remodels and bots.

Instead of donating or selling these bots to many museums across the country for years now to properly have a place for these relics to go to while they reinvent their restaurant into just video screens, they’re just throwing em’ out for scrap.

And now if you ever wanna go see some classic robots you’re probably only ever gonna be able to drive all the way out to California to see a single stage in a crowded kids restaurant playing only modern shows, instead of in a proper museum for them to be hosted and maintained forever.