The 64th Gamer



Alright, finished Star Trek TAS and The Motion Picture. It was really cool now finally getting to Big Screen stuff, and I can now feel the post-Star Wars influence creeping in.

Still going in completely blind to everything but it is interesting trying to guess what’s all gonna change with each movie. The complete overhaul of sets, costume design, cinematography, and pacing was pretty weird.

I’ve heard movies 2-6 are much faster paced in line with the series. The movie could definitely have been better if all those 20 minute flyby scenes were chopped out- and the score adjusted a bit, and Spock on Vulkan scene being cut out. All that and it’d be very well put together.

Just finished movie 4, WOW those were SO FUCKING GOOD! I was not expecting such a jump in quality. Knowing TNG is next and there won’t be any Kirk era stuff for a long long long time, this is currently an amazing sendoff for the 80+ hours of television I had to watch.

I’m aware V and VI aren’t as good apparently but I’m hoping it’ll stick the landing in being a nice way to wrap up TOS. Technically I should already be watching TNG cause of release order, but nahhhhhhhh.

And now I’m finished with all classic TOS content, wow, what an absolutely amazing series. Those 6 movies were an absolute joy of a sendoff, I don’t think it could’ve been done in just 1 or 3.

Movie 5 definitely had a loose script, but there was some great humor and compelling moments. With how each movie was kinda going off concepts explored in the original series what with time travel and going back to earth, it was good to get a supernatural god trope.

Movie 6 goes WAAAAY too hard, it was an absolutely enthralling plot. I loved that it bookended the series with such a major change, and properly retiring the characters in-universe. Even though TOS had no interweaving plot, it was great to see this one actually conclude a continuing conflict from the series, instead of letting it become a trope forever.

And now I’ll get to move onto TNG. I literally have 0 clue about it except that Data basically replaces Spock. I’m really hoping it goes back to the goofy adventures, or atleast begins having some serialized plot. I’m excited to see 80’s sci-fi adventures, but I hope the tone won’t feel too off from the original series. Best of hopes they nail it.