The 64th Gamer

My current offline music playlists in Moosync. I used to have one single YouTube playlist with 1000+ songs but now I’m finally separating them into actual albums.

(Lemme know any banger choices in there ^ lol)

Definitely recommend downloading ALL your music to a harddrive, a lot of this stuff (especially old remixes/indie stuff) gets erased and never seen again, so I’m glad none of this is going anywhere. It also lets me sort things either into their original albums or in custom playlists (Hence the 1,2, Oatmeal Album)

Still absolutely nowhere near getting everything created and sorted though. I got it all downloaded but idk how I’m gonna handle the billion one-off songs I like. Probably just gonna bundle them by year. There’s also so many movie/game OSTs I never considered listening to that are now way more appealing in this format, gotta download those too.