The 64th Gamer


So I’ve been working for a while on archiving various defunct robotics and tech companies of the past, which were spread out on their own wikis. I’ve decided now to bring them all together into one site.

Its now all available on the Archive of Vintage Robotics & Tech Companies. I’m probably gonna be the only one working on it which is fine, but I leave it open for collaboration.

Chuck-E-Pedia however is doing great this past year, its now at 250+ contributors and 700+ articles, though the sheer unending mass of information needing to be covered isn’t even close to being done. I’m betting the final result is gonna be at least 3000+ articles alone. This wiki is in it for the long haul.

People are really enjoying it though as an alternative to, I’m glad to see the community collaborating so much to truly make it something special. As with all my animatronic projects, I hope it helps shift the current public’s negative perception of them, and brings in some real appreciation and discussion.