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:MinecraftTNT:Pneumagination Looks Good Now

Huzzah!!!! Tons and tons of progress!!!! Release v0.9a available here

Cubic chunks work! It was actually stupid simple to implement, though I did have to change terrain generation to accomodate it. You can now have terrain be shaped between two different Y levels so it skips that step for the rest. This means the Moon and Mars generation will be a breeze! I just have to wait to be able to place blocks before I can see what it looks like.

Here’s some looks at some wacky terrain generation I was trying. Revamped it again to now use splines so it’ll be a while before I’m back to that.

At one point though I switched to rendering multiple materials for different blocks and- yeah it super duper broke. Lots and lots of retrying different ideas. Switching from single to multiple wasn’t hard in concept, but I made some stupid mistakes that I didn’t spot till later!

Very critically, I misjuged that a cube had 24 tris and not 36. This was fixed early on, but I did not fix all instances of it! Because I wasn’t using a const value like I should have done, I scrolled past a “24” tons of times just assuming it was relating to another value.

One thing about a super stupid bug that stumps you is that it makes you look more critically at your code and evaluate every step. This in turn led me to overoptimizing tons and tons of parts of the chunk rendering code. So once I found the bug- none of the time was wasted! Chunk rendering is much faster now, though still needs improvements for async operations later on.

I can now sleep early knowing all my codebase works, which is satisfying (except the part where booting up the game has like 50% of crashing but that seems more a godot thing).