The 64th Gamer

:crt: Day 3 of Websiting

On the third day there was cool crt css effects.

Font is from the ADM-3A, my favorite terminal. I saw some blogs have mood indicators in each article. This is sick as fuck and I’m gonna make it 10x better. These pages will soon look like they’re actually being displayed on a terminal, and the terminal color, background, and objects/stickers around the monitor will be customized based on multiple moods I set. :mind_blown:

Similar ideas will be for displaying content from different projects I do. I’m eventually gonna have on here an MLP 3D scan archive, and I want that site to look completely different to the main blog so I’ll have Hugo generate different types of pages for each. Also- even though I am all about collaboration and stuff, 0 people have written anything for the ARVTC wiki, and its going to be taken down by Miraheze sometime soon.

I’d rather just make a category of this site to hold all those articles forever. I’d had hoped more people would be interested in uncovering robot stuff but it seems I should only start wikis when I’m sure lots of people are gonna be on board. (CEP has like 653 users and 5-10 changes per day and still its just minor article changes or stuff for locals, rarely is it ever discovering new stuff and documenting history. That’s probably gonna only be the wiki I’ll ever have that’s sustainable when I’m not working on it.)

Min-Max also has a wiki that’s already dead and idk how I’ll port those articles over here. Very important I preserve them but also I’m not working on the game right now so I also have no reason to put them here.