The 64th Gamer

:ribbon_heart: My First Website Post


this is my first test post. TIME TO BLOG! Hugo seems like my perfect thing for a website builder but man installing git, chocolatey, regular powershell, ect ect just feels so weird and wrong on windows. On linux I’d be breezing through it but I don’t trust nothing on windows. Atleast its easy to use in command line. Hoping to port over all my tumblr posts at some point. I’m probably gonna go and retag all my tumblr posts to fit the new format. I’d like to keep reblogs a thing on here too- but I’m gonna find some sort of way to have it duplicate the original post with the link and not just have possible dead website links litter my site in the future. Could also be some problems hosting videos I reblog but nahhhhhhh I got 50 gigs on neocities I’m sure its fine. Idk how easy its gonna be to plop this constantly updating site into the clunky neocities editor but I’m sure itll be fine.