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:EvilPinkie: A Rainy Day in Equestria

COME ONE COME ALL! Witness the most insane fanedit!

“A Rainy Day In Equestria” is an entire edit of S1E1 of MLP:FIM to be completely engulfed in an eternal rain. Along with other edits.

When I finished S9 of MLP last month I told my partner RayStarKitty that I felt the series had an extreme lack of casual rainy scenes outside when it was used for plot or mood. We were discussing abridged series and I joked I should do a fan edit of the series but every episode is just rainy. This was a mere joke or a possible single day project, but not anymore.

Every single shot has been overlayed with rain, has custom 3d rain renders for foregrounds and backgrounds of some shots, some characters have full animated clip masks when close to the camera, outdoor scenes are color adjusted and darkened while indoors are bright, rain pours loudly outside while indoors softer audio is played, windows are keyed to have rain behind them, some thunder and lightning show up occasionally.

I’ve spent all month on and off on this. First was the full audio pass, then a pass for darkening outdoors scenes, then I did a majority of standard rain shots, then finally keyed and placed rain in all shots with windows. It was maybe a good 20 hours total.

And today its releasing on Ray’s birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!! (She was the first to see it)